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Click - The Sons of the American Legion Constitution & By-Laws

Sons of the The American Legion  Constitution and By-Laws


The Sons of the American Legion Constitution and By-Laws.  The Constitution contains the fundamental principles which govern our operation.  The Bylaws establish the specific rules of guidance by which the Squadron is to function. The constitution will serve to:


  • Clarify our purpose

  • Delineate basic structure

  • Provide the cornerstone for building an effective group

  • Allow members and potential members to have a better understanding of what the organization is all about and how it functions. 


The Constitution covers the fundamental principles but does not prescribe specific procedures for operating your organization.  Bylaws set forth in detail the procedures we must follow to conduct business in an orderly manner.  They provide further definition to the Articles of the Constitution and can be changed more easily as the needs of the organization change. 

S.A.L. National Administrative Manual


SAL administraive manual with National structure, forms, and other critical information about the S.A.L. 

Click - The Sons of the American Legion National Administrative Manual

Click - The SAL Squadron Handbook

Squaron Handbook of

Sons of the American Legion


The Squadron Handbook of the Sons of the American Legion was designed to provide members of the S.A.L. the opportunity to learn about the organization, our purpose, our ideals and our goals.   The squadron adjutant or his designated representative can view and edit squadron membership for his squadron. This includes making changes to names, addresses, and date of birth information. He can generate membership listings and listings of current paid members as well as viewing current status, i.e. paid and transmittal information.  The squadron adjutant can generate reports available in CSV file format which will allow

users to work with the data in microsoft excel and access to include the capability of generating labels for use in local mailings. This, if used properly can be a great

membership tool and can greatly assist in membership renewals.

Veteran Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) Handbook


The S.A.L. is a service oriented organization dedicated to support our veterans.  VAVS handbook is based on Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regulations and contains the policies and procedures of The American Legion pertaining to volunteer assistance rendered by Legionnaires in support of VA programs for the care and treatment of veteran patients.  The guidelines and suggestions contained in this handbook are intended to assist all individuals and groups of The American Legion - from National to Post level - who are engaged in VAVS volunteer activities. 



Click - VAVS Handbook


SAL Youth Handbook


The SAL Youth Handbook provides guidance for the management of Squadron youth p[rograms.  The SAL is a major contributor to the the Child Welfare Foundation (CWF) In fact, the Sons organization is the single largest contributor to the CWF. In less than a decade, the SAL has accounted for more than $6 million to the CWF.  The foundation is a non-profit corporation that accepts funding proposals from nonprofit organizations for projects that contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children.  Donations fund these projects, which is where Sons squadrons can assist CWF. 



ClickSAL Youth Handbook

S0ns of the American Legion

Brochures & Publications


The American Legion Auxiliary publish several information brochures for distribution to the public by its members.

Click - SAL "Why I Belong"  Brochure

Click - SAL Manual of Ceremony & Prayer

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