General Member Information 

This section of our web site contains general information about the operations and procedures for Post #828.  The following items are addressed in this part of the web site: 


"American Legion Members Portal:                  " is a FREE website designed to connect members of The American Legion to their Post and Department leadership.  myLegion includes a site at each level of the organization:

  • Members - allows members to view information on file at National Headquarters, view messages and events published through the department and post myLegion sites, and network with other myLegion members using networking tools.

  • Departments - provides membership information, reports and electronic membership tools such as data change forms for all posts and squadrons within their department.

  • Posts/Districts/Counties - provides Legion and SAL information for all members in their post.  Allows post to submit member data change forms and Consolidated Post Reports electronically.  Upload post image, newsletter, message, and calendar.   Create membership listings, view members renewing online, search for members who have expired or are members of the department headquarters post, and chat with other officers discussing veterans issues and sharing membership ideas.

 Fred Frock Post #828

General Member Information

Post Leadership


This section contains information on the folowing:

  1. Post Officers

  2. Roster of Post Chairs for Standing Committees

  3. Executive Commitee Members

Programs and Services


This section contains information on American Legion Program and Serives.  In addition, there are links to these programs on the  National and Department of Texas Web Sites.  

  1. Information on Four Pillars of Service for the American Legion

  2. Family and Youth Programs Information

  3. Community Programs Information

  4. National Affairs Programs Information

  5. Services Information

Past Commanders


This section contains iListing og all Post #828 Past Commanders from 1946 to present.  

Post #828 Newsletters


This section contains links to copies of Post #828 news letters.