Event Center


We have completed construction of our building expansion project.  We anticipate this facility will have a tremendous impact on our mission of serving our military families and the community goes without question.  Wehave a state of the art facility designed not only to support our AMerican Legion Familyh at the Post , but it will also be available for lease to help pay for the building and its maintenance.  


Your Post  needs your support!!!  We have over 400 members on our roster.  We want to provide major incentives to bring them back old and attract new members.   Donate what you can!! Help us pay off the construction loan and make the legion debt free going into the future. 


We will also be constructing a beautifully designed Wall of Honor to recognize those military warriors who have served their country honorably. You can purchase a commemorative plaques to be permanently placed as part of the wall for $50.  We need everyone’s support and with God’s help and guidance, let’s keep pushing forward as our mission continues.




Before entering into an agreement with the Post, the Client must completed and sign a Reservation application for the use of Fred Brock Post 828 facilities.   Reservation may be made by contacting Sarah Kemper at 210-213-3676, Monday-Friday after 2 pm, and completing a rental agreement and paying the rental fee, clean-up fee and deposit. 


Services Provided:


  • Staff:  Fred Brock Post 828 staff will be on duty during the entire event.  The staff member will open the facility and provide information and direction as needed.  The staff member will available to serve spirits and beverages only.  The staff is not authorized to serve food and other items brought to the Post by the Client.    

  • Tables, Chairs, and Equipment:  The Event Center is equipped with chairs and tables for the event.  The Client must provide a layout for the Event Center.  Tables and chairs are not to be taken outside by the client or any guest of the event.

  • Serving Room: Refridgerator, Stove, Microwave Oven, Cabinets/countertops, and Sinks

  • Cleaning: The client must remove anything brought in by self, its guests, or vendors.  Fred Brock Post 828 will provide cleaning services for a $50.00 fee.  Otherwise, the client is responsible for removal of all items and trash following the event.




Reservations must be made at least ten (10) business days in advance.  There will be no rentals scheduled neither during recognized holidays, special occasions (e.g., Valentine’s Day, Fiesta, St Patrick’s Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.), nor on any Saturday without prior approval of the Post Executive Committee.  Rental must include set up and clean up time.  All activities must conclude by 1:00 am and the facility cleared of equipment and people by 1:30 am. 


Terms and Conditions


Renter is responsible for following the rules and regulations (house rules) developed for Fred Brock Post 828 property. Any questions regarding these rules should be addressed to Sarah Kemper at 210-213-3676 for the Fred Brock Post 828 Executive Committee prior to Rental.  Additional details are contained in the Rental Agreement and is available for download below.  A designated member of the Legion will discuss all of the details with you during your visit to sign the contract and pay your deposit. Items addressed include:


  • Admission/Selling of Goods or Merchandise

  • Admittance and Mandatory Sign In

  • Non-Transferability - No sublease

  • Claims/Hold Harmless

  • Refunds

<--- Click Here - Download Generic Contract

Spacious Facility
Accomodates Approximately 160 comfortably

House Committee:


Purpose:   To supervise the operation of physical facilities of a post such as a clubroom (cantina/bar), American Legion center (Event Center), meeting room, etc.  Supervision includes administration, responsibility for equipment, hiring and direction of employees, as authorized by Post Executive Committee, and general rules applicable to the conduct of members while on the premises of the post.  The following sub-committee is included:

  • Building Committee:  To oversee the maintenance of the Post facility and remodeling and construction
                                          of new additions or e

   CHAIRMAN - Finance Officer  - Chair (Jerry Farmer)

Entertainment Committee:


Purpose:  This committee will be responsible for:  (1) Recruit/Develop list of volunteers to work various aspects of event and entertainment at the Post; (2) To develop and implement of Post events/activities; (3) report to the Executive Committee monthly; (4) Bring all event ideas to the Entertainment Committee at the next scheduled meeting or via e-mail if the event is time-sensitive; (5) manage Event ideas and provide the who / what / where / when / and why information; (6) allow the Entertainment Committee to decide if the event is to be accepted; (7) assign Event Coordinator to organize events provide after action report; and (8) work with the Historian to list events on calendar, website, newsletter, etc.  The Entertainment Committee is responsible to bring all event ideas to the Entertainment Committee at the next scheduled meeting or via e-mail if the event is time-sensitive.


The Post Historian/Webmaster will maintain an Events Page as part of the Post Web Site and Event Calendar with events that will bring membership to our Post and encourage participation from current members.