New Member Training


Teaching new members how to understand and effectively execute the programs and functions of The American Legion Post is critical to our success.   New members must know how and why the nation’s largest wartime veterans’ organization operates, and be able to lead us into the future.   This guide is intended to give you the guidance and confidence to get started.   Training is a top priority for Post #828.   


Our goal is for new members to develop a solid understanding of all aspects of the Four Pillars of The American Legion:


  • Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation;

  • National Security;

  • Americanism;

  • Children and Youth.


New members also need to understand::


  • History and traditions of the American Legion, Department of Texas, and the Post #828

  • Programs offered under each pillar along with the details of each, how to run them, recruit participants, conduct public relations activities to support them and obtain community involvement.   

  • Legislative positions of the organization every year and be fully engaged in lobbying local, state and national elected officials to support legislation promoted by The American Legion.


It is everyone’s responsibility to carry on the training mission, not just the top leadership.  Every Legion family member with the skills and knowledge to share should do so at every opportunity.  


"New Member Orientation"

New members should review this briefing to help them understand what it means to be a Legionnaire



Newcomer Orientation REv.JPG

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National Headquarters Training Web Site

Suggested Reading/References For New MemberTraining

2018 Officer's Guide And Manual of Cerem
2018 Post Adjutant Guide.JPG

Click - The American Legion 2018 Officer's Guide and Manual of Ceremonies

Click - The American Legion 2018 Post Adjutant's Manual

Click - Membership Team Training Guide

Click - The American Legion 2014 National COnstitution & By-Laws

Click - The 5th Division Sergeant At Arms Guide

Click - The American Legion 2014 National COnstitution & By-Laws

Click - Department of Texas Protocol & Planning Guide

Click - The Cap Etiquette Guide

Click - Post Operations Manual and Post Building Guide

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National Headquarters Training Web Site

National Headquarters Training 


National Headquarters offers a variety of training sessions and materials.  Included are conferences and workshops conducted by National Headquarters at different sites, and under the auspices of the respective commissions..  In addition, National Headquarters offer downloadable documents (primarily in PDF format) that require Adobe Reader to open.  Members are encouraged to download the materials for review and enhancing your knowledge of the American Legion

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ALEI Web Site

The American Legion Extension Institute (ALEI)


The American Legion’s official training program for officers, members, Legion College applicants and those who simply want to expand their knowledge of the nation’s largest veterans service organization is available online.


The American Legion Extension Institute has been enhanced with videos, digital photos, clickable links, a historical timeline and additional features. Members must register and take the course at  The program usually takes less than two hours to complete. It is divided into six sections, with a quiz at the end of each one, followed by a final exam.


The sections closely follow the Legion’s Four Pillars of service. They include:


  • History & Organization

  • Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

  • National Security

  • Americanism

  • Children & Youth


Upon completion, a participant must pass a final online exam to receive a digital Certificate of Recognition; a lapel/cap pin will also be delivered to those who successfully complete the course. The names of those who have passed will be recorded and indexed at The American Legion National Headquarters. Graduates will have the option to click a box upon completion to recognize their accomplishment on The American Legion national website:


The online course is $4.95 for members of The American Legion and Sons of The American Legion. The registration fee is $9.95 for non-members. Payment can be accepted securely and conveniently on the course registration page.

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Department of Texas

Training Web Site

Department of Texas Training 


The Department of Texas offers a variety of training sessions and materials.  There are study courses for The American Legion as well as specialized training available.. The Department Adjutant, the Director of Internal Affairs, the Department Judge Advocate, other Department Officers, Training Committee Members and other Legionnaires are available to conduct training on Legion procedures, programs, or whatever is needed.  The Department of Texas Training Site includes videos on:


  • Leadership and How To Conduct Post Meetings

  • Post Operations

  • Programs

  • Post Revitalization

  • Public Relations

  • Membership Growth


  • Post Fund Raising


The Department of Texas Training Site includes include other training resources such as PowerPoint Presentations on:


  • Connecting using Social Media (ppt)

  • Connecting with your Members Online (ppt)

  • American Legion Websites.ppt

  • Converting CSV Files to Excel Ou of mylegion_dot_org.pptx

  • How To Grow Our Membership.ppt

  • Fundraising.pptx

  • History of TAL.pptx

  • Leadership (02/13).ppt

  • Legislative presentation.pptx

  • MYLEGION.pptx

  • Post Officers Duties.pptx

  • Post Operations.pptx

  • PresentationMembershipGrowth&MembershipDrives.pptx

  • Programs.pptx

  • Public Relations.ppt


The Department of Texas Training Site includes include other training resources such as PDF documents for:


  • 10-PostMembershipGrowthHandout.pdf

  • American Legion Fundraising handout.pdf

  • How to conduct a meeting updated Oct 2012.pdf

  • Junior Shooting.pdf

  • LessonPlan-MembershipGrowth.pdf

  • Mylegion Lesson Plan.pdf

  • Mylegion.pdf

  • Oratorical.pdf

  • P R.pdf

  • PostAuditChecklistRevGAB.pdf

  • PostAuditGuideWOPH.pdf

  • PostAuditGuideWPH.pdf

  • PostMembershipDrivesHowTo.pdf

  • PostMembershipGrowthHowTo.pdf

  • Successful Post Revitalization Program.pdf